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At Care Church, we believe that teenagers are an invaluable part of the congregation. Here, they are not considered the “future of the church”, but instead are significant contributors to the community right now. This is why the youth group does not have their own mission statement or separate curriculum. This is why you will see teens serving in ministries outside the youth group every single week. This is why our young men and women are invited to “adult” classes and “grown-up” retreats. We are simply the younger members of Care Church with a desire to share Christ, love others, and change lives with everyone else. What we lack in special programming and lavish resources, we make up for in practical involvement and genuine care. We talk about being the family of God often, and it is more than just a platitude for us. It is a commitment to one another.

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Sunday Morning

Each week, our teenagers engage with the same message and material as their older Christian counterparts. On Sunday mornings, the youth group attends and participates in the worship service before moving to the Student Lounge to continue their journey towards transformation through spiritual listening, practical interpretation, and interpersonal discussion.

Wednesday Night

The schedule of the average teenager is insane. Our Student Ministry understands this reality and provides a safe place to refresh in the middle of the week. On Wednesday night, the youth group gathers in the Student Lounge from 7-8pm for a devotional that includes a brief message, a song or two, and a whole lot of prayer. 

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Focus Groups

We believe teenagers should be given the opportunity to focus on their faith in unique ways throughout the year. Once a month, our youth group is divided into specific age-groups to study Scripture in more depth. This is not your typical devotional. These are Biblical intensives that require intentional preparation for the student hungry for more.


Jaron Brandt, Student Minister

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