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"Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone."

Mark 16:15

A medical mission in eastern Honduras delivering quality healthcare to an impoverished country, and rehabilitation to those addicted to alcohol and drugs. PREDISAN has been a mission partner of Care Church since 1984 and CERPA has been since 1986.

2021 Missions Video                                2020 Missions Video

2021 Mid-Year Report

Catacamas, Honduras

An urban church plant in
Providence, Rhode Island since 2012.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providing scholarships for students to receive a Christian education. Newsletter

Heritage Christian College Website

Update from the President of HCC on
current Vision, Mission, Core Values, Motto, etc.

Heritage Christian University College 
Organizational Chart

HCU Relief Aid for Ghana Flood Victims:
Video Report              News Coverage


Ghana, Africa


From inside our building to our community and the world, 

partner with us in making this world a heaven on Earth.

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