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Varaždin, Croatia –


Activities -

Wonderful Easter worship with many USA visitors.  Dr Robert Klemm from Bammel Rd in Houston spoke.

Great week of spiritual renewal was held on the Adriatic coast at Crikvenica from 2-6 April.

On Sunday April 8, the Varaždin church met with two other evangelical churches in the city for an ecumenical worship service.  The service was filmed by the local television station and rebroadcast twice during the following week.  This was the first time a Protestant worship service had been televised in Croatia.  This historic service was attended by the Gerdes and Ratcliff families from CARE.  This ‘experiment’ was so successful that the local television station has asked that it be done again in the month of June.  A second televised ecumenical service was held on 17 June with approximately 100 people in attendance.

Mladen Dominič (Varaždin church minister) has been notified by his sponsoring church in South Carolina that due to a declining membership they will no longer be able to provide support after December 2018.

Jura Lazar (Varaždin church worship leader and Managing Director of Croatia for Christ) was at CARE Church on June 24 and presented a short report of recent activities.  He is in the USA to attend a conference in Indianapolis, IN and to give reports to the Bammel Rd. church.


Prayer Needs –

- the Lord will find a new sponsoring church to partner with our dreams and vision.

- success of summertime Let’s Start Talking (LST) projects.

- five student interns are in Varaždin for two months. Two from ACU, three from OCU.

- increased partnership between the Varaždin church and the Zagreb Biblical Institute

- Mladen’s in alignment with the Lord’s vision for the future of Croatian churches.

- peace in Renata and Mladen’s heart.


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