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Forestridge Elementary School, Richardson –


On May 10th, CARE Church volunteers provided a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and many compliments were received.  Jordan provided the catered food and it was the best food they ever had.  Additionally, Mark Morris met with the Counselor, Assistant Principal, and Ms. Wilson’s executive assistant whom he will be working with as the CARE Church Liaison to Forestridge Elementary.


On May 11th, Muffins for Moms breakfast was provided by CARE Church.  300 muffins were provided and enjoyed by student mothers, staff, and faculty.  Students were included if they were with their mom.  Mark Morris provided the muffins via Kroger.


On May 29th, Mark Morris met with Ms. Misty Wilson, Principal, to begin planning the CARE Church activity calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.  Mark will begin sharing this calendar of events with those interested in volunteering at the school. 


Mark has learned that Edd Eason's Life Group likes to volunteer at Forestridge.  Mark plans to provide the calendar of events and some new activities to this Life Group.


Prayer Needs –


  • Successful upcoming school year

  • Increased volunteer involvement during school activities




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