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Return: Daily Devotionals & Scripture Readings during Lent (Dwell App)

During Lent, use the Dwell App to listen to daily readings to help us along our journey of Lent and this season of repentance. In the Dwell App, listen to "Lent: Return" for daily devotionals and Scripture readings. Below is information on how you can get the Dwell Bible Listening App if you do not already have it. 

Dwell: what it is and how to get it.

What is the Dwell App? Dwell is an app that provides a thoughtful listening experience to the Bible. It has both an audible and read-along format. By using the notification feature, you will be reminded each day to listen to the daily devotional and Scripture readings. If you do not already have it, here is how to get it. 

How to Join Dwell


Sign up for your free Dwell account:


Download the Dwell App and sign in on your mobile device.



In the Dwell App, select "Lent: Return" and listen to the daily devotionals and Scripture readings.

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